Below, is a list of the different events we have at Øhavscenteret. Other than these, we also partake in different activities to do with “blå flag” (Blue Flag), these can be found under Faff – Blue Flag.

June 5. Sailors Day

Users of the harbour are invited to a day of fun at the harbour. Øhavscentret is open and serves light snacks. 

June 9. Harbour Day

As a part of Harbour Day the Øhavscenter is open. Their ship, “Silden” (The Herring) takes visitors on a boat trip, allowing them to experience the archipelago at sea. 

June 16. Happy Herring

On June 16th, we invite you to join us for the largest set lunch table on Southern Funen. 

Music will be provided by “Ulkene” and Miss Herring will be crowned.

June 23. Bonfire Night

On this lovely midsummer eve, a bonfire is lit near the harbour office at the harbour in Faaborg. We will bring our trailer and serve pancakes as snacks. The entire night will be full of “hygge” which we Danes do so well. It will in part be provided by the pancakes and in part by the communal singing, as is fit for Bonfire Night in Denmark. 

July 7. Flea market

On July 7th the courtyard at Øhavscentret will be filled by stalls, “Hygge” is ensure. It will be possible to buy beer, water and coffee. 

The flea market stretches across the entire harbour, however only the market in the courtyard is hosted by Øhavscentret 

July 18 Sing Along

From 7 PM. Øhavscentret hosts a night of music and singing. There will be live music as well as communal singing. It will be possible to buy beer, water, and coffee. 

July 26. The Race "Fyn Rundt" (around Funen) for wooden ships

August - Archipelago Day

On the last Sunday of August, arrangements are held throughout the South Funen Archipelago. 

In Faaborg alone, there will be several activities for all, some on land, some at sea. 


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