Vi er en blå flag station

Blue Flag

When you arrive at a beach or a harbour flying the Blue Flag, you can be sure, that you will have a safe day by the sea. 

The Blue Flag is an international campaign, which is meant to ensure pure water, clean coasts, and safety for all. That way, as a visitor, you know that you are safe.

Furthermore, Blue Flag events are often hosted at Blue Flag locations. These events concern the environment and nature. Often, it is possible to learn about the mysteries of the sea through play.

Blue Flags on South Funen

•CampOne Bøjden Strand, Bøjdenlandevej 12, 5600 Faaborg

•Faldsled Strandcamping, Assensvej 461, 5642 Millinge
•Nab Strandcamping, Kildegårdsvej 8, 5600 Faaborg

What happens at Blue Flag Stations on Southern Funen?
When Blue Flag Days are held, we will come to a station bringing our trailer which is full of gear that can be used to explore the sea.

We will bring fishing nets, buckets, water binoculars, and waders, all of which is free to use. Besides these, we also bring an “aquarium” which we will fill at the location with your help. In the end, it will be full of plants and animals all found at the location, all of which we can then study through the aquarium.

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