As a society, we gather around the sea and fishing culture. Although it is possible to be a member it is not necessary, as we host many public events. 

Øhavscentret is driven by members of the society. 

We also host educational activities for children through our cooperation with the Blue Flag initiative. 



The archipelago Center is driven by volunteers all of whom are members of Faaborg amateurs fishing society.  

We have largest saltwater aquarium on South Funen. It is visited by both turists and locals. We also accept larger appointments such as schools, or alternatively brings the Blue Flag trailer to the school, to teach new generations about the ocean and fishing.


Silden takes tourists and locals on trips to the seaside. There can be fishing trips or sightseeing the archipelago. 

Along with our partner we are currently building a cultural harbour in Faaborg.

This as well as the Øhavscenter and Silden (the herring) are sponsored through funds, and are driven and created by members of the society who have invested a lot of time as well as work and continues to do so. 



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