All Aboard "Silden"

Jump aboard Silden for a chance to experience the South Funen Archipelago from the seaside. Whether you wish to fish, dive, or sightsee, Silden and the masters of ship are ready to give you an amazing trip.

You can book the amount of seats needed, however trips will be cancelled if there are not enough booked seats. 

It is also possible to book the entire ship in which case you can help plan the trip yourselves. 

For fishing trips Silden can accommodate up to 8 passengers, for dives or sightseeing it can accommodate up to 12 passengers. 

No matter the type of trip, we promise you, that you will leave an amazing experience richer. 

Please note: The trip must be booked no later then 48 hours before departure. Cancelations will happen no later than 24 hours before departure unless they are due to illness or weather conditions. 

  • Facilities
  • Toilet
  • Life jackets
  • Divers latter
  • Departs from the harbour in Faaborg

You must bring fitting outfits yourselves. 



Adults (15+) 200 kr.

Children (3-14) 150 kr.

Children (0-2) Free of charge.


(2 adults and 2 children ) 600 kr.

Each extra child 100kr.

Trips will be cancelled if there are not enough booked seats.



Trips 3,5 hours 

Adults (15+) 300 kr.

Children 200 kr.

If longer trips are needed each additional hour costs 800 kr (price will be divided between the number of booked seats).

Trips will be cancelled if there are not enough booked seats.



If there are not enough booked seats it is possible to booked the entire boat. 

3,5 hours 2400 kr 

Each additional hour costs 800 kr 

If you have any special wishes for the trip you can contact us either by email or by visiting us at Øhavscentret. However we cannot promise our booker will be available at the center. 



To book seats please send an email to

To ease booking please write your name, email, phone number, and what kind of trip you wish to book, as well as the amount of seats and whether they are for children or adults. 


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